Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Meet the implant designed to mirror a woman's breast.

Natrelle 410 features an anatomical shape designed to resemble the curve of a woman's breast. It's also designed to hold its shape and fullness over time thanks to advancement in silicone gel technology- highly cohesive gel.

The natural feel you desire.

We know the feel of your implants is just as important as the shape. That's why the highly cohesive gel was designed to give you the look – and natural feel – you desire. In fact, when asked which breast implant felt most natural ex vivo (outside the body), twice as many women selected Natrelle 410 vs other shaped implants.

Satisfaction proven over 10 years.

In a clinical study of 292 primary augmentation patients, 96% were still satisfied with their Natrelle 410 implants after 10 years.

Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery

Is Natrelle 410 right for you?

Choosing the correct implant is an individual decision and depends on a number of important factors. Make an appointment to talk to our surgeon about whether Natrelle 410 is the right choice for your body type, beast tissue, and personal preferences. Natrelle offers a wide selection of implants options – both shaped or round – to help meet your unique goals.