Hair Restoration And Hair Growth


Scalp micro-pigmentation is essentially the process of having your scalp tattooed with tiny dots that resemble the appearance of hair growth. It's touted as an immediate solution to hair loss or thinning hair and there's no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time.

Hair Restoration And Hair Growth

Scalp micro-pigmentation offers to a totally bald man the appearance of some hair and an approximation of a hairline. It can also be used to camouflage transplant scars or to shade small areas where hair is thinning to make hair appear more dense. It’s also a good option for people suffering from alopecia universalis.

Scalp pigmentation doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply as normal tattooing and the color can be matched to your previous hair color and skin tone. Unlike tattoo ink, it also retains its color – so patient will not start off with black dots and end up with a lighter color then years later.

Even though the procedure hurts less than a regular tattoo and certainly a lot less than a hair transplant, anesthetics are available to numb the patient's scalp prior to the procedure. The treatment is permanent, and if patient is starting to go grey the treatment can be touched up to match.


Proven to Stimulate Hair Growth in Women

  Imagine the ability to regrow hair!

The MEP-90 is bringing hair back to life with, the only clinical medical device that is FDA approved to regrow hair on women. MEP-90 is not only for those who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, but also for those who are experiencing the loss and thinning of their hair.

The loss of hair is frustrating and depressing. For women, hair loss can lead to low self-esteem, no self-confidence as well as stress and anxiety which may cause more hair loss. The MEP-90 uses a Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT, which is also known as “cold laser therapy”. Low level lasers stimulate, inhibit and alter cellular function without causing thermal damage or destroying cells.

This non-invasive, non-surgical medical approach to fighting hair loss has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for the treatment of hair loss. It effectively treats multiple types of hair loss (i.e. thinning hair, female and male pattern baldness, and scalp issues).

The MEP-90 is a Class II medical device that is offered by our medical staff with a required prescription and is proven to be 97% effective.

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